Carpos-Corporate Identity by Panos Tsakiris

Panos Tsakiris Demonstrates The Carpos Corporate Identity

Panos Tsakiris, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Corporate Identity by Panos Tsakiris explicates, Designing Carpos identity system has been a challenging and intriguing project. The guidelines and restrictions were paramount in order an <Cropped>

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Incenses Utensil by Repin Design

Repin Design Shows The Mountains-and-Waters Painting Incenses Utensil

Repin Design, the thinktank behind the awarded work Mountains-and-waters Painting by Repin Design demonstrates, The inspiration for the design of the incense utensil in the “mountains-and-waters painting” is originated from the Chinese mountains <Cropped>

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Yi Feng's Mountain Bench Chair

Yi Feng Presents The Mountain Bench Chair

Yi Feng, the project leader of the awarded work Mountain Bench - Chair by Yi Feng points out, The Mountain Bench was inspired by the traditional aesthetic elements of Chinese painting. The design was dedicated to presenting the user with an aesthetic <Cropped>

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Urs China Interactive Public Art Installation Design Competition 2020 Lingyun Lane

The Competition Aims to Create Distinctive Entrances For Urs China’s Urban Renewal Project Lingyun Lane

The competition aims to create distinctive entrances for urs china’s urban renewal project lingyun lane.

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Award Winning Spiso Speaker

Nima Bavardi Exhibits The Spiso Speaker

Nima Bavardi, the lead designer of the awarded project Award Winning SpiSo Speaker demonstrates, The particular shape of the white shine ceramic bowl and the red speaker into its pit refers to deeply penetration of romantic sounds into human spirit <Cropped>

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Wine Packaging by Wang Qi Jun

Wang Qi Jun Exhibits The Deshan Decang Wine Packaging

Wang Qi Jun, the author of the award winning project Deshan Decang by Wang Qi Jun spells out, With the inspiration derives from the "virtue mountains in Changde".Unlike other fancy, flashy liquor packages, in order to enhance its collecting <Cropped>

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Baby Food Brand by Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Springetts Brand Design Consultants Designs The Sprout Baby Food Brand

Springetts Brand Design Consultants, the architect of the displayed design Baby food brand by Springetts Brand Design Consultants points out, A brand idea seeking to break new ground in the baby food category by the introducing a fresh chilled range <Cropped>

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Staplers by Future Factory Llp

Future Factory Llp Shares The Nowa Staplers

Future Factory LLP, the author of the highlighted project Staplers by Future Factory LLP illustrates, Kangaro Nowa is a range of staplers designed for the European market. The core objective was to create a high quality aesthetic so as to elevate the <Cropped>

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Vip Lounge by Jen-Chuan Chang

Jen-Chuan Chang Shows The Tea House Vip Lounge

Jen-Chuan Chang, the maker of the displayed work Tea House - VIP Lounge by Jen-Chuan Chang explains, This design does not use traditional architectural elements to build it, the designer chose to use concrete to cast the floor, use tile of pottery ve <Cropped>

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Djinane Alsuwayeh's Histoires Urbaines Photography Series

Djinane Alsuwayeh Demonstrates The Histoires Urbaines Photography Series

Djinane AlSuwayeh, the lead designer of the awarded work Histoires Urbaines by Djinane AlSuwayeh illustrates, Djinane AlSuwayeh grew up in a household that was a concoction of cultures; French and Kuwaiti, Christian and Muslim, European and Middle Ea <Cropped>

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