Mix Mudguard by Liao, I-chi and Pao, Hsuan-ming

Liao, I-chi and Pao, Hsuan-ming Portrays The Mix Mudguard Multifunction Mudguard

Liao, I-Chi and Pao, Hsuan-Ming, the lead designer of the awarded project Mix Mudguard - Multifunction mudguard by Liao, I-Chi and Pao, Hsuan-Ming explicates, The Integration of Rear Light and the Mix Mudguard. The rear light is a warning device and <Cropped>

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Award Winning Moon Lion Wall Sculpture

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Moon Lion Wall Sculpture

The project leader of the award winning work Moon Lion by Acclaimed Designer says, This decorative wall sculpture represents magnificence, wisdom and a flow of life. Lion as the king of all animals was chosen as main symbol. Peaceful design with over <Cropped>

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Hotel by Yenchin Wang

Yenchin Wang Demonstrates The Light of Chao Hotel

Yenchin Wang, the project leader of the awarded project Hotel by Yenchin Wang demonstrates, CHAO is a boutique-style hotel located in the bustling Sanlitun. The design inspiration for the 180 rooms and five kinds of room types is from the "Nest& <Cropped>

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Connective Vehicle by Kaveh N., Hakhamanesh M. & Reza S

Kaveh N., Hakhamanesh M. & Reza S. Exhibits The Aura Connective Vehicle

Kaveh N., Hakhamanesh M. & Reza S., the thinktank behind the awarded project Connective Vehicle:Aura by Kaveh N., Hakhamanesh M. & Reza S. illustrates, Aura concept is a futuristic 1+1+1 connective vehicle which makes people able to share spa <Cropped>

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Die Limo Von Granini-Fruity Lemonade For Adults by Flaechenbrand

Flaechenbrand Presents The Die Limo Von Granini Fruity Lemonade For Adults

Flaechenbrand, the maker of the displayed design Die Limo von granini by Flaechenbrand explicates, The key difference is the simplicity and transparency cause of the adult target group. we decided to show the basics of a fruity lemonade in a modern/a <Cropped>

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Secli Weinwelt, Buchs-dwelling and Office Building by Carlos Martinez Architekten

Carlos Martinez Architekten Exhibits The Secli Weinwelt, Buchs Dwelling and Office Building

Carlos Martinez Architekten, the designer of the highlighted work dwelling and office building by Carlos Martinez Architekten illustrates, Elementary terracotta-coated volumes assemble like exquisite boxes of wine into a fascinating residential and <Cropped>

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A Series-Knives by Cangshan

Cangshan Shows The a Series Knives

Cangshan, the creative mind behind the award winning design Knives by Cangshan explains, The A Series utilizes dark and durable Walnut in the knife block to accentuate the fluid curves and dense African Blackwood handles of the knives. Form and funct <Cropped>

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Schiele-Chair by Arta Paya

Arta Paya Presents The Schiele Chair

Arta Paya, the creative mind behind the awarded work Chair by Arta Paya spells out, Named after one of the greatest figurative painters of the 20th century, Schiele , is a simple new modern, comfortable and universal chair. Discovering the true nat <Cropped>

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Womens Wear Collection by Kelly Ng

Kelly Ng Designs The Bed of Roses Womens Wear Collection

Kelly Ng, the author of the highlighted design Womens Wear Collection by Kelly Ng explicates, This collection is about expressing 40s fashion style and feminine silhouette in a sophisticated way by liberating women from thick shoulder pads and hour <Cropped>

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University Classroom Building by Gudjon Erlendsson, Özlem Akın, M Young

Gudjon Erlendsson, Özlem Akın, M Young Portrays The The Foreign Language Building (ydyo) University Classroom Building

Gudjon Erlendsson, Özlem Akın, M Young, the maker of the highlighted work University classroom building:The Foreign Language Building (YDYO) by Gudjon Erlendsson, Özlem Akın, M Young illustrates, The design challenges the archetypical classroom b <Cropped>

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