The Crystal House-Residential by Winnie Cheung

Winnie Cheung Shares The The Crystal House Residential

Winnie Cheung, the author of the highlighted design Award Winning The Crystal House Residential demonstrates, This property allows them getting different creative elements into this design. Like its location aside harbour view, wave concept is bringi <Cropped>

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Inflatable Ride On:bimby by Gilad Tal

Gilad Tal Illustrates The Bimby Inflatable Ride On

Gilad Tal, the architect of the awarded project Award Winning Bimby Inflatable Ride On illustrates, Bimby is an inflatable ride on specially designed for indoor use. Characterized with softness and flexibility. An enjoyable and safe way, for your chi <Cropped>

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Digital Gateway:national Bank of Greece's I-Bank by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The National Bank of Greece's I-Bank Digital Gateway

The architect of the awarded design Digital Gateway by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, Concept store that houses and provides guidance on it's online, mobile and telephone banking offers. There is no counter - instead customers use in-store com <Cropped>

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Young Bird Plan Mascot International Design Competition%u2019 19

Young Bird Plan, An International Competition Platform, It Has Been Five Years Since Its Establishment. This Time, Young Bird Plan Launches Its Own Competition Globally, and Thousands of Creative Minds Will Have The Unique Opportunity to Create The Mascot

Young bird plan, an international competition platform, it has been five years since its establishment. this time, young bird plan launches its own competition globally, and thousands of creative minds will have the unique opportunity to create the m <Cropped>

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Basf by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Basf Corporate Renewed

The thinktank behind the award winning project Corporate Renewed by Acclaimed Designer explicates, BASF's corporate office project consists of the ground floor and 6 levels, the second floor will be for leasing and the first floor will be develo <Cropped>

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Interiority by Jimin Jung

Jimin Jung Illustrates The Interiority Bangle

Jimin Jung, the creative mind behind the award winning work Award Winning Interiority Bangle points out, The goal with this project was to achieve harmony between two different materials: brass and translucent resin. Rather than the rare or expensiv <Cropped>

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Award Winning Sesa Office Building

Davut Tambahar and Cigdem Tambahar Exhibits The Sesa Office Building

Davut Tambahar and Cigdem Tambahar, the creator of the awarded work Davut Tambahar and Cigdem Tambahar's Sesa Office Building spells out, Our goal was simple. To create a contemporary and functional spaces in an existing building. It was hard to <Cropped>

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Plug:nirapai-Safety Plug. by Viroj Khanampornpan

Viroj Khanampornpan Discloses The Nirapai-Safety Plug. Plug

Viroj Khanampornpan, the creative mind behind the award winning project Award Winning Nirapai-Safety Plug. Plug explicates, Safety Extension Plug, single (2-pin) is designed to have a strong holding to tighten both plug and socket together in order t <Cropped>

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Sustainable Design Award

The a' Design Green Design Award Is Open For Submissions For Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design

A’ Design Award & Competition announces open for the entries of the Green Design Awards. The purpose of Green Design Award is to highlight and promote the most interesting, best, and brightest green design projects worldwide. Original design i <Cropped>

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Coloriamo-Packaging For Clay Statues by Andreas Kioroglou

Andreas Kioroglou Portrays The Coloriamo Packaging For Clay Statues

Andreas Kioroglou, the creative mind behind the award winning project Coloriamo by Andreas Kioroglou says, Coloriamo statues are of high quality fayans clay and the statue designs are premium compared to other available in the market. A professional <Cropped>

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